Bathtub refinishing

Learn what makes our bathtub refinishing process successful.

Add home value and save time and money with bathtub refinishing!

We use products distributed by NAPCO. They are a company based in Skokie, Illinois with many years of expertise in the bathtub-coating industry. Their products are superior in quality. Considering we have more than 1,500 tubs under warranty at any time, we believe firmly in their products.

Proper preparation is the key to a beautiful, long lasting finish. We begin by cleaning the bathtub, then we apply a safe etching solution on the porcelain or ceramic surface. This process deglosses the tub, making it microscopically porous. The primer and acrylic urethane topcoat flows into the tiny fissures created by the etch, increasing the bonding of the materials significantly. This process is similar to a dentist etching teeth before applying a porcelain veneer.

Ask about our new "green" environmentally friendly bathtub coatings. These coatings are extremely durable and are low V.O.C., making them extremely safe for the environment.